How to benefit my business from Artificial Intelligence App?

AI app

Over the past few years, our society has made dramatic breakthroughs in the sphere technology and business. Machine learning is now capable of far more complex tasks because machines can excel at frequent, high-volume tasks. The period of artificial intelligence (AI) began nearly 50 years ago in the forms of modern computers, smartphones, and laptops. But what is now? Now is the rise of human-computer cooperation and artificial intelligence apps which basically means the right symbiotic relationship between computation and human creativity that is essential for every business to successfully grow and perform on the world trade market

Because of the fact that Artificial Intelligence is the product of such fundamental fields of knowledge as neuroscience, psychology, computer engineering, linguistics, economics, mathematics, control theory and cybernetics, it can be applied to absolutely all types of businesses from merchandising to manufacturing.

There are 4 AI applications which every business could take into account from the team management to ultimate product and service design: 

1. Productivity

Personal assistant apps are what you need if you struggle with time-consuming work and want to enhance your productivity on daily basis. One of the best of such AI applications is Asana which makes your work much much smarter. If you’re doing any sort of trackable, task-able work, Asana should be on your short list of offerings to check out. There are also great apps as DataRPM, Textio, SalesforceIQ that will help business with the company’s sales processes.  

Why is it important?

You don’t have to do monotonic work such as listings or analysis of manual data. Save your and your team’s time with Arsana, DataRPM, Textio and SalesforceIQ that will make your work smarter and more productive.


Every successful business owner should take care and control his/her general level of health. Chatbots are incredible tools if you want to track your fitness. One of such fascinating chatbots is Lark – a pocket coach and nutritionist. As you may know a lot of mobile apps that track your health use your own mobile device’s inner sensors. Lark makes the same algorithm, but it’s more than a simple app. Lark is the health app that talks to you as a real coach or a fitness trainer. 

Why is it important?  

Most businessmen during their day have a lot of meetings, conferences, deadlines and projects that they have their own assistants and chatbots don’t require to type or select that usually takes a lot of time, but simply speak during the driving or coffee breaks.  

3.Financial management

Penny is the perfect AI robot assistant which can help you with detailed reports on your incomes and expenses. After you’ve linked your accounts, you can easily ask Penny about everything that concerns you from the questions of what you spent last week to the monthly listings of your finances.

If you have trouble with saving money Digit is artificial intelligence app which ready to help. It is a great money keeper. As with all savings accounts, the interest rate is nominal; you’ll get 0.05% for every dollar that stays untouched for at least three months. Digit will always politely inform you about how well you’re doing and how much you already have in your Digit savings account

4.Traveling consultation

Hello Hipmunk is another good example of artificial intelligence software, your travel planning virtual assistant that concentrates on emails and calendar. This AI-powered app will become your best friend in your trips planning and travel consulting!

Why is it important?

Your virtual traveling counselor will give you a full guidance in your trip planning to satisfy your desires and needs at any time. Keep in mind not only manual mobile device’s apps, but also some useful virtual assistants as Hello Hipmunk.

Overall, machine learning is the most powerful branch of artificial intelligence. It is now being implemented by most great enterprises. Your business could also benefit from implementing new technologies!

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