We offer a wide range of services, from consulting to full-stack development, to help you get your startup up and running.

Web Development

Want to tell people about your brand? There’s no better way to do it than to create a web app or a website. We use the latest technologies to create web apps of any complexity and purpose as well as to design and develop websites that accurately tell the stories of companies.

Mobile App Development

In today’s world of technology, all software products should be optimized for mobile devices. We are ready to help you go mobile and build any app for you, be it an iOS, Android, or cross-platform app.

Project Management

Our rockstar project managers would be happy to support you at all stages of your project, from initiation to execution.

Business Development

Our experts have been doing many businesses in tech from the ground up and know each stage of the startup very well. We consult on how to do a pitch deck, product market fit, find a business model, etc.


We consult on all aspects of technological business and have a wide network of contacts in the startup and investments sphere. We connect our clients with industry leaders to get their businesses up and running.


We’ll help you find a dedicated team of IT experts specially for your project and establish an office in Eastern Europe.

Architecture and Technical Design

With years of experience across a wide range of projects, we know how to ensure smooth performance of all parts of a product and make them work seamlessly together.

Data Science, AI

Artificial intelligence is now entering almost all spheres of our life, and we are aware of this like no one else. Should your business need a chatbot or other AI solutions, we are ready to implement them.


If you’re going to automate your software delivery process and need help with DevOps strategy, our professionals are here to help.

UI/UX Design

A simple and neat user interface is one of the most powerful customer retention tools. Our team of talented designers and UX experts will ensure the most enjoyable user experience for your product.

Affiliate Program

Are you a sales manager? We're ready to collaborate you and discuss profit sharing if you connect us with new clients. In addition, we can act as a subcontractor of other companies on big projects.

Contact us

Do you have an idea you would like to execute?  Shoot us few words and we would be happy to give you our expert analysis.

Please contact us to get a 15 min free consultation on execution, product, and technical development.