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Johnny Kartakov

Johnny Kartakov

Technical Expert / CTO

Entrepreneur and CTO with extremely high level of understanding of startups execution on a technical side for different stages of business.
I believe that technology is a tool that can help you to reach and maintain your customers.

Anastasia Green

Anastasia Green

Product Expert

Building great product is an art of understanding what customer likes and willing to pay. To make a successful business with your product only KPI matters at the end, not your logo color or font.

Aladdin Shchaslyvyi

Aladdin Shchaslyvyi

Growth Hacker

Each product must find it's consumers. I will help you to do it. Market fit and Growth hacking - things I've been doing for the past five years.

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"The Sprintify-Arsum team was great collaboration!
We created product from the scratch and launched it in 4 month."
Morten Boas, CEO & Founder Sprintify

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"The process was clear and all deadlines were met. I love working with this guys!"
John Uke, Founder Game Tree


Full Stack Development

Our awesome technical team can build complex systems on using most popular language on a market. We help companies scale their tech teams and build execution that rocks!

Product development

We know how to build the product that converts. Starting with user interview we cover all the process of product development till we get desired KPI numbers.

Business development

Our experts have been doing many businesses in tech from the ground up and know every stage of the startup very well. We consult on how to do a pitch deck, product market fit, find a business model, etc.

"We've created MVP and launched in 3 weeks! Arsum guys can do impossible.
I highly recommend them if you are looking fro product and development expertise."
Bill Bricker, CEO Introstellar


Understanding the MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

Understanding the MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

Every start-up has five main stages: idea development, MVP, verification, working prototype and validation. There is no doubt that every process of a startup is essential to the product development. Today, we are going to talk about the second, vitally important stage – Minimum Viable Product (MVP). So, what is this?

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What Do You Need to Build a Website in 2017 and How Much Should it Cost?

What Do You Need to Build a Website in 2017 and How Much Should it Cost?

How much does it really take to build a product like Twitter or Instagram? What components does it consist of? What do you need to build a website in 2017? How much should it cost? With today's software development agencies and free web development tools there’s no shortage of resources which you need to build the next big web or mobile app. Here I am going to explain what you need to build a website. What are the main components of a modern web app. And I will provide my estimations on the cost of building a website and it’s maintenance.  

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"Arsum team increased my project growth rate from 4% per weel to 7%! Great job."
Vitalii Rykovanov, Founder Social Seeds

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